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I’ve rarely been so passionate about a product as I am about my Tomohopper ball sweep. As an engineer by education and having had thousands of engineers work for me over the years, I really appreciate well designed and manufactured solutions. For a few years I carried my ball machine to a court in my neighborhood and have tried a variety of products to pick up the balls, but it was always more hassle than using a ball sweep at a tennis club. That was until I received my Tomohopper. I can now carry the Tomohopper in one hand (which conveniently carries the balls) and my ball machine in the other right to the court in a single trip. The portability is great, but also how well the device picks up the balls really surprised me. I find that the design retains the balls within the “v” better than the commercial sweeps and with the rounded corners also doesn't get hung up on the net or fence. The Tomohopper certainly exceeded my expectations on all accounts. Congratulations on a fabulous product!

- Mark Sunday
Senior Vice President and CIO
Oracle Information Technology
Redwood City
CA 94065


Tomohopper - one of the great new products to arrive on the tennis market for pros, clubs, coaches and parents who work with players. It is amazingly easy to use, light weight, stackable and storable in small spaces or the trunk of your car. It won't scratch courts, hold 90 plus balls and everyone loves to watch how it picks up all Yellow, Red, Orange and Green tennis balls and deposits them into the tray.

The price is right, the product is right and it works like a dream - how can you not have one if you coach or teach.

- Ken DeHart
PTR International Master Professional
USPTA Master Professional
USA High Performance Coach
2-Time PTR International Pro of the Year
4-Time USPTA Divisional Pro of the Year
AVAC Director of Tennis


Tomohopper Has Landed In Singapore!

Picking tennis balls has been the bane of my coaching career that has span more than three decades. Thanks to the Tomohopper, retrieving tennis balls is no longer a hassle but actually fun. Many of my students appear to enjoy gathering the tennis balls more than hitting them. There was a time when collecting tennis balls was a tedious chore but the arrival of the Tomohopper has changed that. The smart design of the arms allows balls to be gathered even when they are lined against the wall. The Tomohopper is fast and efficient so that I am now able to spend more quality time coaching rather than collecting balls.

I drive a tiny Subaru R2. It comes as a pleasant surprise to be able to fit the Tomohopper snugly into the back seat of the car. The Tomohopper is light but tough and easily withstand the rough treatment expected of such machines. I appreciate the ease of bringing the ball container up to the convenient position at the top to serve as a feeding basket. Great invention! Highly reccomended to my fellow coaches.

- Harry Tan
National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore

The Tomohopper has allowed me to finally retire most of the ball hoppers I have at my club. It's lightness and maneuverability make it actually fun to pick up balls. Kids love using it. I have other mowers which are expensive, heavy and very hard to store. At a public club like mine, the Tomohopper is a pe
rfect fit.

- Geoff Griffin
Director of Tennis, Balboa Tennis Club
Past President USPTA


Geoff's kids love the Tomohopper!

I wanted to share my experience with the Tomohopper. This is a product that I wished had been created a long time ago. Although I mainly coach at the Carmel Valley Park & Rec, I do work in other locations and the portability of this ball mower has been a time saver. Yes - it's actually a ball mower, not just a ball hopper, but it also serves as a teaching basket. There is nothing else on the market which provides easy portability, multi-purpose usage, and reliability.

We bought one for the courts at Carmel Valley and it's been used heavily for almost a year. It's shown to be extremely durable and weatherproof. I also bought one for my personal use and it's conveniently stored in the trunk of my car. Go to tomohopper.com and check out how easy it is to take it apart.

I heard that they will be coming out with a larger one since the current one holds 90 balls, thus making it extremely portable and useful; however, the larger one will be another great option.

- Patrick Tran
Jr Program Director
Carmel Valley Tennis


I have now been using my tomohopper for 4 weeks and I could not be happier with your product. It is vastly more light, compact, efficient and affordable than the other product I was considering. I leave it in my car's trunk and use it routinely to pick up my tennis balls while practicing my serves. It has made practice much easier. I will soon use it with my ball machine.

Thank you for such a great product.

- Paul E (Los Altos, CA)
I think Tomohopper is the best tennis ball mower I have ever used in my 25 years coaching career, it is light, smooth, never gets stuck, and it is so smart the way it closed and stored in the trunk of my car! Thanks for such a great tool !

Adrian Waisfeld
coach of Kiew Moores, currently ranked No. 3 in the 12s in Southern California)
Adrian Waisfeld Tennis Academy Director
Master of Tennis-Performance
PTR Professional 2A


The tomohopper has been a great addition to the Barnes Tennis Center. All the coaches will use it whenever they have an opportunity to do so. Our tennis kids simply love it as it has a fun look to it. It's light and so easy and smooth for them to move it around to pick up the balls quickly and best of all it doesn't scratch the court at all. I wish I had this product years ago when I started working as a pro at Barnes. We need to get more tomohoppers at Barnes.

- Nic Izumi
Barnes Tennis Cente


All of my pros are enjoying the Tomohopper which we have nicknamed “The Scorpion.” The kids love it and are anxious to use it when we are mowing up the balls from the court.

My pros and I enjoy the ease of movement, its’ light weight and also the fact that it is non-marking and non-scratching to the courts.

While we have not taken advantage of its’ portability, it is a great feature. The pros here are looking forward to the next, bigger Tomohopper version to come to market. Put us down for a purchase please.

Thanks again for introducing the Tomohopper to Fairbanks.

- Andy Volkert

Director of Tennis

Fairbanks Range Country Club


The tomohopper is the best ball picking technology that I have ever come across. The great part is that it doesn’t damage my recently renovated courts. No more metal ballmowers at my Club!

- Alex Levie
Head Pro
Surf & Turf Tennis Club


I have been coaching tennis for 30 years or so and I get kind of lazy picking up the balls after each and every lesson. But since I have been using the tomohopper, I actually love picking up balls with this hopper. It is light and runs really smooth. The best part of it is kids love to use it.

- Melwin Pereira
High School Tennis coach
His children, Alexis and Bryce are nationally
ranked juniors.


When it comes to tennis stuff, I'm definitely a bit of a 'gadget guy' and I own everything from tubes to the Gamma 150 rollerhopper for picking up balls. I've enjoyed people staring and comments I've gotten when rolling my rollerhopper into courts all over SoCal, but the Tomohopper has now taken these reactions to a whole other level! It's design is ingenious - it's just so cool the way it picks up balls and transforms to function as a hopper for feeding. What I really like is how the balls don't get jammed up because of the design. The best part is it's almost effortless to pick up balls. (Completely effortless when someone else is trying it, which is often! Ha ha.) And I'm not just talking about my young students, who fight over who gets to use it, I'm talking about whoever is on the next court during practice! I love it!

- Solomon Liu (San Diego, California)

Solomon with son Robert and their tomohopper bought in Dec 2012