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When it comes to tennis stuff, i'm definitely a bit of a 'gadget guy' and I own everything from tubes to the Gamma 150 rollerhopper for picking up balls.  I've enjoyed people staring and comments I've gotten when rolling my rollerhopper into courts all over SoCal, but the Tomohopper has now taken these reactions to a whole other level!

It's design is ingenious - it's just so cool the way it picks up balls and transforms to function as a hopper for feeding.  What I really like is how the balls don't get jammed up because of the design.   The best part is it's almost effortless to pick up balls.  (Completely effortless when someone else is trying it, which is often!  Ha ha.)  And I'm not just talking about my young students, who fight over who gets to use it, I'm talking about whoever is on the next court during practice!  I love it!  :-)

Solomon Liu (San Diego, California)

Picture shows Solomon with son Robert and their tomohopper bought in Dec 2012